Short CV

Research Interest

My research interests lie in compact objects of different types, how to model them analytically, numerically,and how to extract quantitative signals that can be observed.
Currently in my Master’s project I am investigating, together with collaborators, neutron stars with an added classical macroscopic scalar field, representing a type of ultralight bosonic dark matter. Apart from the stability and mass-radius-relations of these objects, I study their tidal deformability and use these properties to constrain the dark matter particle mass and self-interaction strength.
Other research interests of mine include the nuclear matter equation of state and how to constrain it using numerical studies; the mathematical nature of gauge theories such as the standard model and general relativity and how it can be used to deepen our knowledge in current theories. I am also open to beyond standard model physics and modified gravity, as well as more philosophical fundamental discussions about nature and our current understanding of it.