Nov 2022
Comparing Accretion Disks and Dark Matter Spikes in Intermediate Mass Ratio Inspirals
Jul 2022
Strong electroweak phase transition in t-channel simplified dark matter models
May 2022
DRalgo: a package for effective field theory approach for thermal phase transitions
Apr 2022
Apr 2022
Apr 2022
Universal gravothermal evolution of isolated self-interacting dark matter halos for velocity-dependent cross sections
Mar 2022
Combining thermal resummation and gauge invariance for electroweak phase transition
Mar 2022
Mar 2022
Feb 2022
The force-force-correlator in hot QCD perturbatively and from the lattice
Feb 2022
Robust approach to thermal resummation: Standard Model meets a singlet
Dec 2021
Computing the gauge-invariant bubble nucleation rate in finite temperature effective field theory
Dec 2021
Nucleation at finite temperature: a gauge-invariant, perturbative framework
Dec 2021
Cosmology and modified gravitational wave propagation from binary black hole population models
Dec 2021
Circularization vs. Eccentrification in Intermediate Mass Ratio Inspirals inside Dark Matter Spikes
Dec 2021
Audible Axions with a Booster: Stochastic Gravitational Waves from Rotating ALPs
Sep 2021
First Constraints on Nuclear Coupling of Axionlike Particles from the Binary Neutron Star Gravitational Wave Event GW170817
Sep 2021
Neutrino mass bounds from confronting an effective model with BOSS Lyman-alpha data
Mar 2021
Singlet-assisted electroweak phase transition at two loops
Feb 2021
The Semi-Classical Regime for Dark Matter Self-Interactions
Oct 2020
Oct 2020
Shedding light on the angular momentum evolution of binary neutron star merger remnants: a semi-analytic model
Sep 2020
Theoretical uncertainties for cosmological first-order phase transitions
Jun 2020
Velocity-dependent Self-interacting Dark Matter from Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
Jun 2020
The lifetime of binary neutron star merger remnants
Apr 2020
Multi-loop investigations of strong interactions at high temperatures
Feb 2019
Prospects for axion searches with Advanced LIGO through binary mergers
May 2018
Lyman-α forest constraints on interacting dark sectors
Feb 2018
Neutron star mergers as a probe of modifications of general relativity with finite-range scalar forces
Feb 2016
On the Soft Limit of the Large Scale Structure Power Spectrum: UV Dependence
Feb 2015
On Soft Limits of Large-Scale Structure Correlation Functions