Short CV

Research Interest

I've always been interested in how the universe works on the most fundamental levels as well as in its entirety. By that I've been very keen on studying astrophysics and cosmology just as quantum field theory.
Coming from the theory side I'm looking forward to the developments in multi-messenger astronomy. Especially gravitational wave observatories seem to me as the ideal tool for looking for new physics. In combination with black holes or neutron stars one gets cosmic labs testing our understanding of the world in conditions not reproducible by man-made experiments. This also can shine a light on a central mystery of gravity – dark matter.
Having a quite limited number of detected events Bayesian statistics are very powerful in constraining possible theories describing the phenomena: Testing axions as dark matter candidates, looking for evidence for needed modifications to general relativity or by that even insides to the quantum nature of gravity. Doing this and also improving our methods will only become more important as we will see more events on a wider frequency range in the near future.